一、PART Ⅴ 二、PART Ⅳ 2、第1题 It is possible that your company is facing difficulties of which we are not aware.A.可能你公司正面临一些我们不了解的困难。B.也许你公司正面临着一些我们不明白的困难。 C.我们不知道你公司正面临困难是有可能的。D.有可能你公司正在面临些困难,都是我们不了解的。 3、第2题 She bought several clothes shops and prepared to build up a chain.A.她盘下了几家服装店,并且打算再开一家新的分店。 B.她买下了几家服装店,并且准备建立连锁店。C.她把几家商店的衣服都买下来了,衣服多的像链条一样挂满了屋子。 D.她买下了几家服装店.并且想再买一条项链。 4、第3题 Compared with the developed countries, some African countries are left far behind in terms of people' s living standard.A.与发达国家相比,一些非洲国家在人民生活水平上还相差甚远。 B.相比较发展过的国家,一些非洲国家的人民生活水平远远落后。 C.与发达国家相比,在人民生活水平方面一些国家很落后。D.就人民生活水平而言,一些非洲国家被落在了发达国家后面。 5、第4题 No matter how long or short the letter is, what really counts is that it' s heart-warming.A.不管信是多么长,人心是不可计数的。B.信的长短无所谓,真正可以计数的是它能温暖人心。C.信的长短无所谓,关键是它能温暖人心。D.不管信是长还是短,真正重要的是它能温暖人心。 6、第5题 As requested, we enclose for your attention our price list and catalogue. I would like to take this opportunity of drawing your attention to the fact that all our products are made from completely natural ingredients. There are 200 different items in the catalogue and our prices are reasonable and our quality is good. 'We look forward to receiving your order soon. 三、PART Ⅲ 7、第1题 请根据以下内容回答下列各题  Welcome to visit our company and I am very glad to have the opportunity to introduce our company to you all. Our company was established in 1990. We specialize in manufacturing household electrical appliances and exporting them all over the world. Our annual sales of last year is about 80 million dollars, and the business is growing steadily. We have branches in North America and Europe with about 500 employees, and they are working diligently to serve the needs of our customers.  In order to further develop overseas market, we need reliable agents to promote our products. I hope you will seriously consider doing business with us. Thank you.The company specializes in the field of 46 __________ 8、第2题 The sales of last year is about 47__________ 9、第3题 The company has branches in North America and 48__________ 10、第4题 There are about 49__________ people are employed. 11、第5题 The purpose of this introduction is to 50__________ 12、第6题 请根据以下内容回答下列各题A—planned economy                   I—seller' s market     B—market economy                    J—buyer' s market     C—World Trade Organization          K—International Business LawD—sales promotion                   L—economic recoveryE—negative trade balance           M—international settlement     F—retailing and wholesaling         N —way of paymentG—inflation                         O—way of settlement     H—favorable trade balance            P—economic crisisExamples: (A) 计划经济               ( M )国际结算(  )通货膨胀   (  )促销 13、第7题 (  )批发与零售   (  )卖方市场 14、第8题 (  )世界贸易组织   (  )国际商法 15、第9题 (  )结算方式   (  )贸易顺差 16、第10题 (  )支付方式   (  )市场经济 17、第11题 请根据以下内容回答下列各题 Job Advertisement  Our company is Tianhe Automobile Company and we are seeking for a mature, competent secretary whose main responsibility is to report to the general manager. The applicant should be skillful in organization work, shorthand and data processing, good at computer and fluent in English. Besides, the applicants should have at least two-year working experience and can work well with different colleagues. The company will offer excellent opportunities for personal development, a wide range of benefits and good career development opportunities.  The salary will be in accord with qualifications, beginning at a mmimum of $ 2,500 per month. The opportunity for this post wilt be equal for both women and men. Interviews will be held on Monday to Friday, from June 14th to 18th. Resumes together with a photo are requested to mail to:  Human resource department   Tianhe Automobile Company   PO Box 650  Windsor. Ontario M60358What' s the name of the company?____________________ Company 18、第12题 What qualifications should the applicants have? They should be good at____________________, shorthand, data processing, computer and English. 19、第13题 What will the company offer to their potential employees?We will offer personal development, a wide range of benefits and good____________________ 20、第14题 When will the interviews be held?From ____________________of June. 21、第15题 What is required to mail to Tianhe together with their resumes?_______________________ 四、PART Ⅲ 22、 23、 24、 25、 26、 27、 28、 29、 30、 31、 五、PART Ⅱ 32、第1题 I remember __________(see) her last year at Mary' s birthday party. 33、第2题 Students would rather try once again than __________ (give) up the plan. 34、第3题 The teacher__________(able) his students to master the new words by making up sentences. 35、第4题 Scientists have done a lot of study to show that praise is far__________(effective) than criticism in improving students' behavior. 36、第5题 The secretary was in a good mood because her__________(propose) was accepted by the general manager, 37、第6题 Time __________( permit), my husband and I are going to the cinema on Christmas Eve. 38、第7题 It can __________ (believe) that there is no life without water. 39、第8题 I see so many__________(love) children every day since the kindergarten is in front of my house. 40、第9题 He told me her name only after I __________ (ask) her twice. 41、第10题 If Robinson __________(learn) how to swim, he wouldn' t have been trapped on that island. 六、PART Ⅱ 七、PART I Section C 52、第1题 What have people discovered about hobbies?Hobbies can be profitable and__________ 53、第2题 What hobbies may become occupations?Painting, writing and__________ 54、第3题 What' s the doctors' opinion about hobbies?Hobbies help to make our lives__________ 55、第4题 What kind of hobby should the baseball player have?Have__________ 56、第5题 What kind of hobby should a person who always sits at a desk have?A person who always sits at a desk should have__________ 八、PART I Section A B 57、第1题 听力mp3:请根据听到的内容回答下列各题SectionA A. Doctor and patient.B. Passenger and ticket collector.C. Shop assistant and customer.D. Boss and clerk. 58、第2题 A. It's not important how he dances,B. It's too crowded to dance away.C. If he' s careful, no one will notice.D. No one knows the steps to dance. 59、第3题 A. 400 Yuan.B. 700 YuanC. 200 Yuan.D. 900 Yuan. 60、第4题 A. It was too dark.B. His eyesight is not so good.C. The man doesn' t want to.D. He can' t find the switch. 61、第5题 A. At the railway stationB. At the airport.C. At the police station.D. At the bank. 62、第6题 Section B Conversation 1 A. 8:30 in the morning, Tuesday. B. 8:30 in the evening, Tuesday. C. 8:30 in the morning, Monday. D. 8:30 in the evening, Monday. 63、第7题 A. Because he wants to visit her.B. Because he wants to discuss her suggestion with her.C. Because he wants to offer a proposal.D. Because he wants to date her. 64、第8题 Conversation 2A. At Leech' s school.B. In the police station,C. Ou the phone.D. At Mrs. Smith's home. 65、第9题 A. Two days.B. The whole afternoon.C. A whole day.D. The whole morning. 66、第10题 A. Yellow and white.B. Blue and green.C. Green and black.D. Blue and black.